Inspiration Behind The Brand

How Blink Botanicals Came To Be

Finding A Solution To A Problem

When Carlee Nash started Blink Botanicals she was focused on finding a solution to a problem. Not all face washes are safe to use on the delicate eye area, so developing a Facial Cleanser that was gentle enough to remove eye makeup was essential.

While working in the lash extensions industry, Carlee didn't love the ingredients that some of the lash washes included & none were Canadian, made with organic ingredients or sustainable packaging. These lash extension washes were also not formulated as a safe facial cleanser, so Carlee would have to use multiple products on her face - essentially costing more money and time.   

Specifically Designed

100% Lash Extension Friendly

Wildly Clean • Consciously Crafted

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We're committed to redefining beauty industry standards for products that are not only good for you, but kind to our planet too.

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